"The Little Lazy Lizard"

The Little Lazy Lizard


Book: The Little Lazy Lizard

Author: Susan Denise

Illustrator: Peggy Whyte

Publisher: Publish America LLLP, 2008

ISBN: 1-60474-502-9

Related website: www.publishamerica.com

Language level : 1 (nothing objectionable) 

Reading level: Ages 3-8

Rating: 5 stars (EXCELLENT)

Reviewed by Wayne S. Walker

     Denise, Susan.  The Little Lazy Lizard (published in 2008 by Publish America LLLP).  A little lizard who lives near a pond is too lazy for his own good.  He was hungry and should have gone out hunting, but he would rather sit with his net and wait for something to go by than to use his own tongue.  As time passed, he became hungrier and hungrier.  However, he finally finds a little lazy fly lying there and eventually learns why nature gave him a sticky tongue.  The book contains an important lesson for children about effort and reward. 

     The author’s inspiration to write children’s story books came from her grandmother, a natural storyteller in Macon, GA.  This is a cute little tale in easy to read verse with a good moral for youngsters to figure out and then tell when they have read the story or had it read to them.  The lovely, colorful drawings of flowers, flies, mushrooms, and, of course, the lizard, will help little ones to visualize what life by the pond is like.  I should think that anyone would find this book absolutely delightful.

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