Through the Fire

Through the Fire (Mystery and the Minister's Wife Series #1)


Book: Through the Fire

Author: Diane Noble

Publisher: Guideposts, 2007

ISBN-10: 0824947452

ISBN-13: 978-0824947453

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Language level: 1 (nothing objectionable)

Reading level: adults and older teens would be most interested

Rating: GOOD

Reviewed by Wayne S. Walker

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Noble, Diane. Through the Fire (published in 2007 by Guideposts, 16 E. 34th St., New York City, NY 10016). My wife Karen enjoys mystery books, so when I saw an advertisement for this book one of “Mystery and the Minister’s Wife,” the newest fiction series from the editors of Guideposts, I decided to order the series for her. The ad said, “Each engaging novel in the series carries the reassuring message that faith in God will see you through life’s many surprises. The first book in the series, Through the Fire, introduces you to Kate Hanlon and her minister husband, Paul Hanlon. They’ve made a big change in their lives, leaving the big city for Copper Mill, a small town with more than its share of mysteries. You’ll follow Kate as she comes to know the town and its inhabitants. You’ll admire her persistence, intelligence, and strength of character as she slowly, but surely, begins to unlock the town’s secrets. Each novel in the ‘Mystery and the Minister’s Wife’ series is a page-turner, a good old-fashioned ‘whodunit.’ They’re books that bring truth to light, that reveal dreams, and that show that trust in God always trumps fear and anxiety. A Guideposts exclusive–especially for our readers! Each 256-page hardcover volume is a terrific value, with easy-to read type. Join Kate as she uses her faith in God’s guidance along with keen insights and a stubborn need to know the truth to probe these mysteries, no matter how dangerous. Meet her feisty new friends who help her with this dangerous quest. You’ll feel like you’re right there in Copper Mill as you share these captivating tales of faith, friendship, and mystery. And, you’ll be inspired by the compassion of Kate and Paul and their trust in God’s master plan. A new volume will be available every four to six weeks.”

After the book arrived and Karen read it, I read it as well. Paul and Kate Hanlon, now that their children have all left the nest, move from San Antonio, TX, where Paul has been minister with the large and prosperous Riverbend Church and Kate has lived all her life, to Copper Mill, TN, nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, where Paul is to be minister with the small, rural Faith Briar Church. However, as they arrive in town, the Faith Briar Church building is on fire and the Sheriff declares it to be arson. Kate begins to investigate. There is a corporation with a ruthless reputation which has purchased the old hotel next door to turn into a resort and wants to buy the church property too. There are threatening e-mails, mysterious packages, and a life and death chase. The mystery aspect will certainly keep the pages turning. Other than a few religious concepts and practices with which those of us associated with churches of Christ would not agree, there is nothing objectionable in this book. And it is always nice to read interesting books where people strive to see that all their actions are guided by their faith in God.

The other books in the “Mystery and the Minister’s Wife” series, by various authors (I assume to keep the books from becoming too formulaic) all tell the further adventures of Kate, Paul, and their friends in Copper Mill. Apparently, they can now be purchased retail in paperback editions published by Ideals, which is a division of Guideposts. The ones which we have received so far are as follows:

A Test of Faith (2007) by Carol Cox

Beauty Shop Tales (2007) by Beth Pattillo

A State of Grace (2007) by Traci DePree

The Best Is Yet to Be (2007) by Eve Fisher

Who’s That Girl? (2008) by Carol Cox

A Token of Truth (2008) by Sunni Jeffers

For the Least of These (2008) by Charlotte Carter

Open Arms (2008) by Traci DePree

Where There’s a Will (2008) by Beth Pattillo

Into the Wilderness (2008) by Traci DePree

The Missing Ingredient (2008) by Diane Noble

Angels Undercover (2008) by Diane Noble

Dog Days (2008) by Carol Cox

A Matter of Trust (2009) by Diane Noble

Funny Money (2009) by Traci DePree

To Have and to Hold (2009) by Sunni Jeffers

How the Heart Runs (2009) by Anne Marie Rodgers

A Thousand Generations (2009) by Traci DePree

Home to Briar Mountain (2009) by Diane Noble

Flight of the Sparrows (2009) by Annie Jones

A Firm Foundation (2009) by Anne Marie Rodgers

A Distant Memory (2009) by Traci DePree

Off the Record (2009) by Jill Elizabeth Nelson

Tea and Sympathy (2009) by Carol Cox

Strangers in Their Midst (2010) by Patricia H. Rushford

The Master’s Hand (2010) by Diane Noble

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