"A Picture Book of Sitting Bull"

A Picture Book of Sitting Bull by David A. Adler: Book Cover


Book: A Picture Book of Sitting Bull

Author: David A. Adler

Illustrator: Samuel Byrd

Publisher: Holiday House Inc., 1993

ISBN-13: 9780823410446

ISBN-10: 0823410447

Language level: 1 (nothing objectionable)

Reading level: Ages 7 to 11

Rating: 4 stars (GOOD)

Reviewed by Wayne S. Walker

For more information e-mail homeschoolbookreview@gmail.com

Adler, David A. A Picture Book of Sitting Bull (published in 1993 by Holiday House Inc.). Besides the Cam Jansen and Fourth Floor Twins series of mysteries, David Adler has written several picture book biographies for young readers. Our boys went through a period where they were really interested in American Indians, so we read several biographies of and other books related to Indians, including this brief picture book biography of the Sioux chief who worked to maintain the rights of Native American people, who led the defeat of General Custer at the Little Big Horn in 1876, and who was killed by Indian agency police on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation during an attempt to arrest him and prevent him from supporting the Ghost Dance movement.

Sitting Bull (c. 1831–1890) was a Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux holy man who led his people as a war chief during years of resistance to United States government policies. Born near the Grand River in South Dakota, he is notable in American and Native American history for his role in the major victory at the Battle of the Little Bighorn against Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer and the U.S. 7th Cavalry Regiment on June 25, 1876. Seven months after the battle, Sitting Bull and his group left the United States to Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan, where he remained until 1881, at which time he surrendered to U. S. forces. After his return to the United States, he briefly toured as a performer in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show. At the Standing Rock Agency in South Dakota his arrest was ordered by Indian Service agent James McLaughlin at Fort Yates because of fears that he would use his influence to support the Ghost Dance movement. During an ensuing struggle between Sitting Bull’s followers and the agency police, Sitting Bull was shot by Standing Rock policemen, Lieutenant Bull Head and Red Tomahawk, after the police were fired upon by Sitting Bull’s supporters.

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