"Lewis and Clark: A Prairie Dog for the President"


Book: Lewis and Clark: A Prairie Dog for the President

Author: Shirley Raye Redmond

Illustrator: John Manders

Publisher: Random House Children’s Books, 2003

ISBN-13: 9780375811203

ISBN-10: 0375811206

Language level: 1 (nothing objectionable)

Reading level: Grades 1-3

Rating: 5 stars (EXCELLENT)

Reviewed by Wayne S. Walker

For more information e-mail homeschoolbookreview@gmail.com

Redmond, Shirley Raye. Lewis and Clark: A Prairie Dog for the President (published in 2003 by Random House Children’s Books, a division of Random House Inc., New York City, NY). In 1803, President Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark out west to explore. He told them to make maps. He asked them to draw pictures and collect plants. Most importantly, he wanted them to send presents! What kind of present would be good enough for a president? This “Step Into Reading” Level 3 book is a simple introduction for beginning readers to the 1803-1805 expedition of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, who, during their exploration of the Louisiana Purchase and the West for Thomas Jefferson, actually captured a prairie dog and sent it (among other things) to the President as a gift. I found the story very interesting, and our younger son Jeremy, then age eight, said that he liked it.

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