"G. W. Frog and the Haunted House in Misty Meadows"

G.W. Frog and the Haunted House in Misty Meadows


Book: G. W. Frog and the Haunted House in Misty Meadows

Author and Illustrator: George W. Everett

Publisher: WestBow Press, 2010

ISBN-13: 978-1-4497-0752-1

Related websites: www.gwfrog.com (series), www.avodahteachingfellowship.com (author), www.westbowpress.com (publisher)

Language level: 1 (nothing objectionable)

Reading level: Ages 4-8

Rating: 5 stars (EXCELLENT)

Reviewed by Wayne S. Walker

For more information e-mail homeschoolbookreview@gmail.com

     Everett, George WG. W. Frog and the Haunted House in Misty Meadows (published in 2010 by WestBow Press, 1663 Liberty Dr., Bloomington, IN  47403, a division of Thomas Nelson).  Have you ever been in a house that’s supposed to be haunted?  G. W. Frog lives at Frog Holler in Misty Meadows.  Nearby in Slimy Swamp there’s an old mansion that some folks say is haunted.  A few years back Old T. Toad, Oliver Owl, and a couple of other critters ducked into the house during a bad storm, and they were never heard from again.  A couple of huge stone lions that held up the gate even disappeared.  Nobody wants to go near the place.  Now, G. W. gets a letter saying that the house belonged to his uncle Fredrick Frog from Fresno who had recently died and left it to him.  However, to inherit it, he must spend one night in the house before the next full moon.

     At first, G. W. doesn’t want to have anything to do with it, but if he doesn’t take it, the Amalgamated Housing Development will get the entire property and turn the whole neighborhood, including Frog Holler and Misty Meadows, into a housing track.  So G. W. and four of his friends decide to spend a night in the house.  However, not long after they get there, G. W. disappears.  What’s going on?  Can they solve the mystery?  Will they even get out alive?  This is definitely a story that will keep youngsters turning the pages to find out what happens.  The G. W. Frog books are like fables with morals.  The lesson illustrated by G. W. Frog and the Haunted House in Misty Meadows is that things are seldom as fearful or bad as they first seem, that good will conquer over evil, and that the just of heart will prevail.  There are two other currently available books in the series, G. W. Frog and the Circus Lion and G. W. Frog and the Pumpkin Patch Bandit, and two more, G. W. Frog and the Pickle Barrel Time Machine and G. W. Frog Meets Big Foot, will be available in 2011.

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