Is Genesis Myth?: The Shocking Story of the Teaching of Evolution at Abilene Christian University

Book: Is Genesis Myth?: The Shocking Story of the Teaching of Evolution at Abilene Christian University
Author: Bert Thompson
Publisher: Apologetics Press, 1986
ISBN-13: 978-0932859075
ISBN-10: 0932859070
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Language level: 1
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Reading level: Teens and adults
Rating: ***** 5 stars (EXCELLENT)
Reviewed by Wayne S. Walker
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Thompson, Bert. Is Genesis Myth?: The Shocking Story of the Teaching of Evolution at Abilene Christian University (published in 1986 by Apologetics Press Inc., 230 Landmark Dr., Montgomery, AL 36117). Bert Thompson, who founded Apologetics Press as a strong creationist, was a 1971 graduate of Abilene Christian University, an educational institution associated with “mainstream” Churches of Christ. In this book, he details the evidence which he collected alleging the teaching of evolution by a pair of ACU biology professors and recounts his meetings with ACU administrators as they attempt to contain the fallout from his allegations. Thompson makes no bones that he not only rejects theistic evolution, but that he views it to be a false doctrine to be rebutted. Thompson wrote, “Those in the churches of Christ have long opposed the teaching of both organic and theistic evolution, and any form thereof. Rightly so! These concepts strike at the very heart of the biblical message, and are part and parcel of the humanistic message. Many of us have chosen to sacrifice to send our children to Christian schools. Who would have guessed that in one of ‘our’ schools that faith would have been attacked and undermined by the teaching, as fact and without refutation, of evolution?! And yet it happened.”

Of course, relativist liberals do not like this kind of approach. One reviewer wrote, “While the book is not poorly written and is certainly fascinating for its portrayal of one of the great controversies of ACU history, it is a classic example of fundamentalist intolerance for any view of the Bible that dares contradict predetermined theological assumptions.” Those who continually plead for “tolerance” seem to be able to tolerate just about every aberration from the truth that comes down the pike but seem to be very intolerant towards anyone who would promote absolute truth. This critic actually admitted, “Thompson appears to be credible, which is to say the evidence he provides seems conclusive that theistic evolution was indeed taught at ACU in the 1970s and 1980s – as it certainly is today.”

Yet, this same individual wrote, “I cannot in good conscience give more than one star to a work whose creation (not evolution, ha!) has roots in such intolerance, small-mindedness and mean-spiritedness.” Can’t you just feel the tolerance oozing out of that language? Whenever the left disagrees with someone, the general reaction is to label him a narrow-minded, intolerant bigot, and, presto!, that is suppose to end the debate and dismiss all his arguments automatically. While the book deals specifically with the teaching of theistic evolution at ACU, it contains a vast amount of material that is generally applicable to the refutation of this theory from a Biblical standpoint. Unfortunately, Thompson became involved in some moral problems and was fired from Apologetics Press. His works, including this book, are no longer sold in their bookstore. However, his personal failings do not take anything away from the truth that he taught and the good that he did. Much of the results of his work may still be found at the website of Apologetics Press.

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