Creation Versus Evolution

Creation vs. Evolutin - Hodges


Book: Creation Versus Evolution

Author: James A. Hodges

Publisher: Florida College Press, 2014

ISBN-13: 978-1-890119-38-6

ISBN-10: 1-890119-38-5

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Language level: 1

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Recommended reading level: Teens and adults

Rating: ***** 5 stars (EXCELLENT).

Reviewed by Wayne S. Walker

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Hodges, James A.  Creation Versus Evolution (published in 2014 by Florida College Press, 119 N. Glen Arven Ave., Temple Terrace, FL  33617).  I was a student at Florida College in Temple Terrace, FL, from the fall of 1972 through the spring of 1974.  During that time I took a course entitled the “Bible and Evolution” taught by Dr. James Arthur Hodges (1930 – 2012).  A native of Jenkins, KY, he received degrees from David Lipscomb College (B.A.), Harding College (M.A.), and the University of Chicago where he earned a Ph.D. in the Department of New Testament and Early Christian Literature.  He taught in the Biblical Studies department at Florida College for a number of years, later served as librarian, and passed from this life April 10, 2012.  In this compilation of his life’s work, published posthumously, he examines the question of evolution from a variety of scientific viewpoints, surveying the literature of both creationists and evolutionists, examining both their science and the philosophies that stand behind it. In sum, Hodges presents a compelling case for evidence favoring a young earth and an intelligent design of the universe.  In the Preface he wrote, “This book was developed as a collection of data found useful during fifteen years of teaching the course entitled ‘Bible and Evolution’ at Florida College. The course material has been revised and expanded by the addition of current information. While this book is meant to be a defense of the biblical creation model, the information has been organized around main subject areas of the evolution model with the purpose of refuting the arguments used by the evolutionist. It is my conviction that the best way to do this is to state the argument and supporting data as clearly and objectively as possible.”

After an introduction which generally discusses creation versus evolution and explains why such a book is needed, there are 21 heavily documented sections which contain information related to such subjects as the history of evolution, the species problem, genetics, the fossil record, uniformitarianism, geology, the Grand Canyon, Noah’s flood, radiometric dating, the origin of man, the evolutionary tree, the origin of life, and the time line in the first chapter of Genesis.  Here are some examples of Hodges’ work.  In his “Critique of Modern Science” he writes, “Evolution has been preferred to the creation alternative because most scientists believe that evolution is based on facts and creation is based on belief,” whereas the truth is that “we have the choice of faith in the God of the Bible or faith in the gods evolution—father time (billions of years), mother nature (natural processes), and lady luck (chance|)” (pp. 27-28).  In dealing with “Arguments for Evolution,” he cites F. J. Ayala who said, “Evolutionists are no longer concerned with obtaining evidence to support the fact of evolution, but rather are concerned with what sorts of knowledge can be obtained from different sources of evidence,” and then observes, “This statement reflects the approach of perhaps a majority of modern scientists, although this confidence is not justified by the strength of the evidence.  Evolutionary scientists have developed the faulty methodology of looking for and considering only the information which supports this theory or model.  Information which is not compatible may be labeled as exceptional or peculiar or even interesting but it is treated as irrelevant” (pp. 151-152).

As Hodges discusses some “Major Problems for the Evolution Model,” he draws an interesting comparison.  “The components of the simplest life form are so complex that the accumulated information of generations of research has to this day not made it possible to start with nonliving materials and produce life in the laboratory.  Probably it will eventually be done, but when it is done what will it prove?  If some tribe in the African jungles were to get one of our satellites and study it enough to make one themselves, would they prove by so doing that the satellite had come about by chance and that the U. S. scientists did not and had never existed?  Yet for similar hoped for results in the origin of life research, some maintain that life came about by chance and God does not exist” (pp. 540-541).  Finally, while looking at “Creation Versus Evolution in Public Education,” he quotes Phillip E. Johnson, emeritus of law at the University of California at Berkley, who wrote, “The position common among science educators is that the information regarding evolution should be presented very carefully so students do not hear about the problems before they are converted to the theory.  This is clearly a strategy of indoctrination, but they believe it is necessary because if people hear the facts in the wrong order they might get the wrong idea” (p. 583).  The writing may be a bit technical at times, but anyone who is interested in the scientific evidence for creation and against evolution will find this book an excellent resource.

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