The Cure for Divorce In the Kingdom of God



Book: The Cure for Divorce In the Kingdom of God

Author: Michael S. Sayen

Publisher: Michael S. Sayen, 2018

ISBN-13: 978-0692506387

ISBN-10: 0692506381

Language level: 1

(1=nothing objectionable; 2=common euphemisms and/or childish slang terms; 3=some cursing and/or profanity; 4=a lot of cursing and/or profanity; 5=obscenity and/or vulgarity)

Recommended reading level: For adults

Rating: **** 4 stars

(5 stars=EXCELLENT; 4 stars=GOOD; 3 stars=FAIR; 2 stars=POOR; 1 star=VERY POOR; no stars=NOT RECOMMENDED)

Reviewed by Wayne S. Walker

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Sayen, Michael S.  The Cure for Divorce In the Kingdom of God (published in 2018 by Michael S. Sayen, Forest Lake, MN). Divorce is a scourge on any society and not too long ago was universally frowned upon by all who called themselves Christians.  Unfortunately it has today become a source of great controversy among Bible believers, even as it was among the Jews in Jesus’s day.  Everyone seems to agree that rampant divorce is a shame, but some believe that any and all divorces are necessarily wrong and sinful, while others say that a person can divorce and remarry at will as often as he or she desires for any reason, then just tell God “I’m sorry,” and be all right. These are the two extremes, and there are all kinds of views in between.  The purpose of this book, which is a compilation of two previous books, Divorce in the Bible and Remarriage and Adultery in the Bible, “is to stop the epidemic in the Church called divorce.”

To be honest, I had a little bit of trouble following the author’s line of reasoning.  His discussions of Old Testament Jewish marriage customs, the nature of different kinds of covenants, definitions of Hebrew and Greek words, and first century Greek and Roman cultural attitudes towards divorce almost made me feel as if one had to be a certified theologian in order to understand what the Bible has to say about divorce.    His conclusion is thus:  “After hearing what God’s desire is for marriage and developing a full understanding of what Jesus said in Matt. 19:9 our response should be the same as His disciples.  They looked at marriage as a life-long commitment in light of unfaithfulness and said, ‘If such is the case with a man and his wife, it is better not to marry.’  He who is able to accept it, let him accept it—Jesus.”  I think that I agree with him—but I am just not absolutely sure.

God gave us His written word that we might understand His will (Ephesians 3:3-5).  At the risk of sounding simplistic, my conclusion is that the cure for divorce is to believe and apply what our Lord Himself said about it in Matthew 5:31-32, Matthew 19:1-12, Mark 10:1-12, and Luke 16:18.  When we put that all together, it simply tells us that if two people have been joined together as man and wife by God, for either or both to divorce is a sin and to marry another is adultery. The only exception is that if an innocent party divorces a sexually unfaithful spouse (i.e., “for fornication” or “for sexual immorality”), the divorce is not sin and a remarriage is not adultery.   And what Paul writes in Romans 7:2-3 and 1 Corinthians 7:10-16 harmonizes perfectly with that.  “For the LORD God of Israel says that He hates divorce, for it covers one’s garments with violence…” (Malachi 2:16).

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