"Chip Mitchell: The Case of the Robot Warriors"

Chip Mitchell: The Case of the Robot Warriors by Fred D'Ignazio


Book: Chip Mitchell: The Case of the Robot Warriors

Author: Fred D’Ignazio

Illustrator: Larry Pearson

Publisher: Penguin Group USA, 1984

ISBN-13: 9780525671404

ISBN-10: 0525671404

Language level: 1 (nothing objectionable)

Reading level: Ages 8-12

Rating: 2 stars (POOR)

Reviewed by Wayne S. Walker

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D’Ignazio, Fred. Chip Mitchell: The Case of the Robot Warriors (published in 1984 by Penguin Group USA; reissued in 1987 by Pied Piper Books a division of Methuen Publishing Ltd.). Fred D’Ignazio was the Father of Educational Multimedia back in the early 1980s. In addition to his countless books, articles and flamboyant conference presentations, Fred pioneered multimedia authoring by students, teaching teachers and children to mash-up media, before HyperCard, CD-ROMs, MP3, iMovie, digital cameras, the World Wide Web, blogs, wikis, podcasts and School 2.0, and he did so with scavenged equipment and Radio Shack parts. He authored several early computer-related books such as The Star Wars Question and Answer Book about Computers and The Science of Artificial Intelligence (Computer-Awareness First Book). In a series of young adult books D’Ignazio wrote about a seventh-grade computer whiz who solves ten puzzling cases using his knowledge of logic and computers.

There may have been an initial book simply entitled Chip Mitchell in 1984—I have seen references to it but have not been able to find any definite information on it. Other books in the series include Chip Mitchell: the Case of the Robot Warriors, in which the reader is asked to supply the answers to eight mysteries which are solved by young computer whiz Chip Mitchell; Chip Mitchell: the Case of the Stolen Computer Brains; and Chip Mitchell: The Case of the Chocolate-Covered Bugs. The teenage boy in these mysteries is nicknamed “Chip” because of his interest in and amazing knowledge of computers. There are some interesting stories, but we finally quit getting them from the library because it seemed as if all Chip and his friends did was to hang around computer game arcades and complain about how the adults were always trying to keep them from playing their computer games all the time.

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